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The Xero Dashboard

In today's post we will be introducing you to the Xero dashboard and explaining a few aspects about your homepage.

About the dashboard

  • The Xero dashboard gives you a snapshot of your organisations financials and transactions that are entered in Xero.

  • You can customise your dashboard to suit your needs.

  • Your user role will determine what displays on your dashboard.

  • You can access your dashboard from the Dashboard tab in the top navigation menu. (As seen below)

Customising your dashboard

Make dashboard work for you. Move your most important information to the top (use edit dashboard) like your main bank account. Track your sales by adding them to the account watch list.

Panels on your dashboard

There are a number of different panels on your dashboard that will show you information about your organisation. Below is a short description of each panel:

  • Total cashflow – this shows the cash moving in and out of your organisation, based on figures in the bank summary report. Basically the cashflow shows you how much money you have left over or how much you over spend.

  • Account watchlist – You can select any account to show here. This tends to be sales, particular account you want to keep tab on spending.

  • Bank accounts – when you add a bank account, it will show on your dashboard. Move your most used account to the top.

  • Invoices owed – a summary of invoices owed to you and how long they have been owed based on the due dates on the invoices.

  • Bills to pay – this is a graphical snapshot of the bills you need to pay and when you need to pay them.

  • Expense claim – this shows when you have added your first expense claim.

  • Business performance graphs – as long as these graphs are favourited, you will see them on the dashboard.

Overall the dashboard is a very useful tool on Xero that helps you to see an overview of your business.

Next time we will be showing you how you can set Xero dashboard to be your homepage every time you log in.

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